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Equalization Certificate for working adults

Accreditation Council for Business Programs and Management Education grants equalization certificates to working adults, who are seeking employment outside their region, for higher career prospects. Since the standard of education in the few less develop countries is different from the academic standards followed internationally, it is pertinent for every individual seeking employment in business and management sector outside their region to acquire equalization certificate for his previously acquired education and work experience.

Accreditation Council for Business Programs and Management Education verifies an individual’s academic documents and check for their validation and authenticity. Once their academic credentials are evaluated, ACBPME issues the working adult his equalization certificate along with the attested copies of his previous education which will prove to his prospective employer about his standard of education.


ACBPME is established with the mission to verify the legitimacy of qualifications, individuals have acquired from international schools, colleges and universities. We aim to ensure and assess that your education meet the academic standards, set by the global higher education institutions and whether these qualifications meet the academic criteria, relevant to the international education systems. ACBPME offers two types of credit equivalency evaluation packages, which include Course-by-Course Evaluation Report and Document-by-Document Evaluation Report.


I- Ideal for education, licensing and certification.

II- It gives an identity to certificate, diploma or degree and presents them in an appropriate manner

III- It shows the period of education

IV- This evaluation package provides equivalency for every document.

V- Files each course with semester credits

VI- This credit equivalency evaluation provides grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0


This credit equivalency evaluation package is best suited for secondary school credentials, immigration as well as employment.

I- Ideal for identification and explanation of certificate, diploma and degree

II- Figures out duration of education

III- Each document receives an equivalency through this evaluation


In order to graduate, students need to earn a minimum number of upper division credits. They can transfer indefinite credits to get their degree, certificate or diploma cleared, if they are seeking to pursue careers outside their region. However, for equalization of qualifications and degrees, certificates or diplomas, which graduates have earned from any country with different education standards, they need to provide ACBPME with accurate and approved documents from their university, college or school, according to our set guidelines. ACBPME has the right to disapprove an application, if any important document or information is missing.