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Program Manager Forum 2020

ACBPME will be hosting the Program Manager Forum in mid of July, 2020. Notable speaker will be featured in a keynote session about new approaches in management, outlining the roles team segmentation, data and incentives play as part of a successful global go-to-market strategy.

The forum will be covering everything you need to start a secure career. Emphasizing on running with the tools and techniques project managers use to get projects from A to B and fundamentals; delving into best practices and how to integrate various kinds of software into your workflow.

Second session of the forum will focus on risk management, Six Sigma and how it can help you use big data to make informed decisions. The forum will help prepare local professionals for the Project Management, covering the terminology, concepts and calculations used by companies for project management.

“A career in project management offers a variety of jobs across industries with excellent compensation,” said Jason Dickens, Managing Head of Agile project flows “It has incredible growth projection as well with 15 million new project management jobs predicted in the next ten years.”